Make Up

Artistic Edge - Beauty & Design uses only the very best Makeup Products for their clients.

 Make-Up Atelier Paris is a professional make-up brand, exported globally and used by professional make-up artists all over the world. Hélène Quillé is the creator; she develops new colors, textures and innovates new types of products that keep the brand on the cutting edge. The secret to the success is that Make-Up Atelier Paris offers an extensive assortment of high quality products in stylish, durable packages at affordable prices. Thin textured foundations, high-pigmented eye shadows and blushes, long lasting make-up that don’t run, makes the cosmetics ideal for professional as well as personal use.

Make-up Atelier is a multi-ethnic brand and takes great pride in being able to provide a wide range of products to women of all shades and colors. Suporting over 50 shades of foundations and 20 shades of concealers and loose powders it is one of few professional brands to cater equally to African-American, Asian, Caucasian and Hispanic, skin tones.

Managing their own laboratory and manufacturing facility gives Atelier Paris a great advantage when it comes to innovation and responding to the latest trends in the market. Most major cosmetics brands license their production to a few big manufacturers, mainly in Italy and the U.S, that do private labeling for the mass market. “That’s why you find the same products and colors in every line, they are not specific or unique,” says Quillé. “Our laboratory is constantly working to increase the variety, quality and performance of our products.” One of Atelier’s greatest milestones was the creation of the five-color palette for lips, eyes and concealers. This is a concept that has been duplicated by cosmetics manufacturers all over the world.

 Atelier products are available for purchase Online through Artistic Edge - Beauty & Design


Bodyography cosmetics are manufactured exclusively in the United States using formulas that are unique in the industry. By working closely with their lab and a select group of top makeup artists, Bodyography are able to develop innovative cosmetic products that also represent exceptional value.

Beauty with a conscience is a guiding principle for Bodyography. With this in mind, Bodyography products use minimal packaging that is recyclable, and no animals have ever been used to test Bodyography products - we think they look fabulous just as they are.

Their product formulas may be complex, but their philosophy is simple; Bodyography Professional Cosmetics is committed to providing the very best products available.

Every new product is developed using quality formulas and the very best ingredients, as we know that what goes into a product is more important than how it looks sitting in a box. All of our products are mineral based, and are infused with enriching vitamins and antioxidants to leave your skin looking and feeling its best.

We recognize that many of our customers need to be aware of specific ingredients, or need to know how products are made due to their lifestyle choices. For that reason, Bodyography made it a priority to work with our labs to provide both Gluten-Free and Vegan product options. These options can be seen in our brand new brochure (available as a PDF download here). Bodyography is also proud to be a certified Cruelty-Free brand, as we never test on animals.

Bodyography products are available for purchase Online through Artistic Edge - Beauty & Design


Silk Oil of Morrocco The best thing about this range is that it doesn’t have a down side.

They are beautiful, natural products infused with Cold Pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil as their KEY ingredient. Argan Oil has been an extremely well kept secret known only to those who sought the absolute best in hair care and cosmetics… We have now formulated a Hair Care, Skin Care and Pure Mineral Cosmetics Range infused with this amazing ingredient which once used on the hair and skin there’s no looking back!

ARGAN OIL, the latest botanical phenomenon is derived from the nuts of the Argania Spinosa tree which grows exclusively in Morocco. The Moroccan Argan tree bears a fruit which is a delicacy for tree climbing goats who eat the fruit but leave the hard nut untouched. These nuts are gathered by locals who extract the Argan Oil from the kernels via a cold pressing process.

The result? Liquid Gold

Argan Oil also known as “liquid gold,” is rich in vitamin E and is known as the purest antioxidant. It also contains high levels of phytotestorols, squalene, essential fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids, which all can help restore and revitalize hair, skin and nails. When used on hair, the product nourishes, strengthens and protects the hair cuticle from root to tip to prevent breakage, stimulate new hair growth and promote shine and smooth frizz and fly-aways.


Silk Oil of Morrocco products are available for purchase Online through Artistic Edge - Beauty & Design

Spray Tanning

Artistic Edge - Beauty & Design uses an Australian made Tanning product called Techno Tan.

As a proudly Australian owned company, all TechnoTan's products are made in Australia to the highest standard and quality.

With a range of three unique blends in ten shades Techno Tan have a pallet of colour to suit all skin types. All TechnoTan's tanning solutions are created using the finest naturally derived botanical and certified organic ingredients. Adding to this TechnoTan also have one of the largest ranges of pre-care, after-care, tan enhancement on the market available for purchase direct from Artistic Edge - Beauty & Design.